Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shanghai Unicom, "the voice treasure" face poor prospects for the two major bottlenecks

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Shanghai Unicom has launched the "Voice treasure" value-added services. "Voice treasure" business voice dialing technology to replace manual dial-up, the user just prior to personal address book data entry system platform, you can direct by calling 10196 voice dialing, voice control operation can be carried out through the breath or menu operation.

Analysys of

As the 3G era, China Unicom launched to speed up the pace of new business. Shanghai Unicom launched the "Voice treasure" function of value-added services, mainly mobile phone users to replace manual dialing. "Easy Vision - Mobile value-added service" analysis, marketing the business will face the following bottlenecks:

First: the convenience of users

User-friendly functional use should be the highlight of marketing value-added services. "Voice treasure" value-added services to use, requiring users to dial 10196 voice dialing, dial-up users did not simplify the effect of operational processes. On the contrary, by the user habits and other factors, related to operational procedures even more complicated.

Second: the confidentiality of personal communications data

"Voice treasure" value-added services require users to use personal address book information uploaded to the system platform, this means that use of the value-added services users and their relatives and friends of the communications data will all be operators to master, this very large to reduce the user's sense of security, is not conducive to the confidentiality of personal communications data.

Analysys International analysis that is certain is that, the service enables mobile phone users to avoid the loss and loss of personal communications, information recorded in the trouble encountered. However, the existence of these two factors, leading to the advantage of greatly reduced the attractiveness to users.

Analysys view

Analysys International analysis, operational process complexity and the user's sense of security for the poor constraints Shanghai Unicom, "the voice treasure" value-added services, marketing factors, should be cause for concern.

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