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CAD world, Shangri-La

"Shangri-La", mysterious and poetic dream world is a desirable place. "Shangri-La mechanical CAD" drawings for the mechanical characteristics of the common plane mapping software, will be boring into fun, the "machine" into the art world here seems to have become a graphic of "Shangri-La."

Civilian style

Shown in Figure 1, into the "Shangri-La mechanical CAD" interface, you can clearly feel the AutoCAD style.

Figure 1 Shangri-La CAD interface

"Shangri-La mechanical CAD" drawing step more in line with traditional, beginner CAD Some people may be more accustomed. After several steps to complete a drawing on the drawing. Includes determining the size of drawings, select the type of border and binding, positioning the baseline and the use of the toolbar or menu command draw, edit, modify graphics.

Learn and use the "Shangri-La mechanical CAD" simple, but the software's functionality is not weak, rendering mechanical parts and assembly drawings are very handy.

Figure 2 form with the usual graphical

In short, the software can see the background with the school, reflecting the developers and the teaching of drawing skill and careful pondering attitude.

The most admirable 4:00

1. To help enrich and complete

"Shangri-La mechanical CAD" software CD-ROM only about 30M of space, the other a few megahertz multimedia software for learning materials in a variety of software systems that are rare,

2. Practical, "Structure and Gallery"

"Shangri-La mechanical CAD" in the "structure and Gallery" menu bar is the "mechanical" characteristics of the important elements, it provides a standard parts library although not to mention a wide range, but very useful.

3. Photo-text applications

"Shangri-La mechanical CAD" menu item in a column called "Form", and the earlier Microsoft Word menu bar of the same name is almost the same nature. This also reflects the "Shangri-La mechanical CAD" for the text editing service is very important.

4. Text, size of the batch changes

"Shangri-La mechanical CAD" provides the bulk editing text, dimensions variable function, can be more than one text, size, engineering mark in the font, size and so unified.

"Shangri-La mechanical CAD" is not worthy of improvement has no place, such as 3D features. The problem is positioning relative to its user base and its corresponding cost, "Shangri-La mechanical CAD" is almost close to perfect.

Domestic CAD market trends

Throughout the development of the domestic market situation of CAD, probably can be summarized as the following:

1, two-dimensional CAD software to maintain stable growth in demand

Due to lower prices, but domestic CAD software is very mature technology, service level gradually increased, so companies in the CAD project, will increase the two-dimensional CAD software, CAD software, in particular the use of domestic volume.

Second, rapid growth of demand for three-dimensional modeling software

On the one hand, users of three-dimensional understanding of enhanced software functionality; the other hand, provides three-dimensional CAD software companies will greatly enhance the propaganda.

Third, CAPP, PDM and other enterprise software will be the hot buy

Manufacturing enterprises are no longer satisfied with simple "rejection drawing board" work, but strive to realize the modernization of technology sector. Therefore, this year will be the CAPP software company purchased one of the hotspots. CAD technology enables storage needed to store previous drawings and technical information into an electronic map document. How to effectively manage plan documents, plan documents to ensure easy retrieval and statistical summary, the enterprise is vital, and this created a huge demand for PDM software.

Fourth, SMEs demand on the CAD technology

CAD software market increased steadily in recent years, the price gradually reduce to the past, only state-owned large and medium enterprises to apply the CAD software, has now become a hot application for SMEs. Software companies have proposed various solutions for SMEs. The use of CAD software, many SMEs have achieved good results. CAD software on the expected demand for small and medium enterprises will be further expanded.

CAXA "step ahead"

CAXA is not a very good understanding of the word, Beihang Haier own description is: CAX refers to arbitrary, individualized computer-aided design and product, followed by A-ALWAYS A STEP AHEAD for the English abbreviation of the overall meaning is "one step ahead of the computer assistive technology and products. "

Simple interface

CAXA leading spirit when more is reflected in its three-dimensional software for two-dimensional electronic drawing board, more detailed work is needed, really and truly bring more convenience to users.

Simple interface and toolbar

"CAXA electronic board V2" start soon, with low hardware requirements that the starting point is associated. CAXA to take care of the low profile of the small screen, its arrangements for menus and toolbars, and Office of the toolbar style is quite similar.

Excellent data exchange capabilities

In the "computer drawing board," made for a class of two-dimensional CAD software, "CAXA electronic board V2" data exchange capabilities be excellent. CAXA full support for AutoCAD 12.0 ~ 2000 version of dwg, dxf files, support for IGES files; can read WMF, HPGL graphics file; can read the data generated in text form. Dat file.


"CAXA electronic board V2" There are three useful tools included: "CAXA Print layout", "CAXA File Browser", "CAXA drawing management." Drawing management program can automatically generate product tree can also be manually generated, and to edit, query, statistics and other operations.

Standards and Standardization

CAXA electronic board V2 full support for the latest national standards, and adopted a national standard of review of mechanical CAD. Software meet the national standard frame, title bar, list, text annotation, dimensioning and annotation of other projects, thus ensuring a comprehensive standardization of the design process.

"One step ahead" is the slogan of CAXA, common people, nuanced, full of affinity, the trial "CAXA electronic board V2" when deep feelings.

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