Friday, October 22, 2010

Modify the secondary cache can not speed up XP

XP optimization techniques in many of the more popular way of saying that Windows XP systems require users to manually open the CPU's secondary cache, in order to play the CPU for maximum efficiency. This view a wide spread, and now the highest rate, one of Windows system optimization software, "Windows Optimization Master" is also held this view, the optimization settings in its column have the option to optimize CPU secondary cache.

We first look at the so-called optimization technique is how to tell us.

銆怶indows XP systems, the default CPU 2 cache is not open. To improve system performance, we can modify the registry, or use the "Windows Optimization Master" and other software to open it.

Run the Registry Editor, expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory Management branch, double-click the right window "SecondLevelDataCace", and then directly enter the pop-up window used by the current computer CPU capacity of the secondary cache can be.

Celeron processor 2 cache 128KB, should set its value to 80 (16 hex, the same below). P 鈪? P 鈪? P4 are 512KB secondary cache, should be set to 200; P 鈪?E (EB), P4 Willamette only a 256KB secondary cache, should be set to 100; AMD Duron only 64KB secondary cache, should be set to 40; K6- 3 has a 256KB secondary cache; Athlon has 512KB secondary cache; Athlon XP has a 256KB secondary cache; Athlon XP (Barton core) has 512KB secondary cache.

Masters can also use Windows optimization of the secondary cache CPU is set correctly: Start Windows optimization master, select the "System performance optimization," in "File System Optimization", the top is the secondary cache on the CPU of the settings. Drag the slider to the appropriate location, save the settings and restart your computer you can. 銆?br />
Is this really the case?

We are in the Microsoft Knowledge Base to find the following content: "HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory Management" in the SecondLevelDataCache key value only in the Windows XP system from a hardware abstraction layer (Hardware Abstraction Layer) reads the CPU 2 cache (L2) fails when reads SecondLevelDataCache key data. And SecondLevelDataCache is the meaning of key = 0 2 cache 256KB. Original (English)

In a Knowledge Base article, we also found a "Do not change the SecondLevelDataCache entry" so, in the article claimed that a number of third-party information changes SecondLevelDataCache key value can improve system performance is not correct. 2 cache value is detected by the operating system and completely free from the influence SecondLevelDataCache value. Original (English)

From the Microsoft Knowledge Base article, we can see, the so-called Windows XP systems require users to manually open the secondary cache that is wrong. Windows XP system is based on hardware abstraction layer to read the secondary CPU cache value. Failure will only read the value of reading SecondLevelDataCache and SecondLevelDataCache the default value 0 stands for the secondary cache is 256KB, not that close. Therefore, the secondary CPU cache are open at any time, users no need to modify.


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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jackie Chan and Jet Li's ad war

Recent water and soil often see in people eager to buy all kinds of Jackie Chan endorse the "King Anti-off shampoo."

Remember the day before yesterday in the supermarket and saw a Jet Li endorsement of "Suo Fute germinal fluid." Jet Li on the screen the warmth of holding Suofu Te, a representative of the Chinese martial arts star power of beauty and meaning of the name of goods rather female combination gives the visual impact can be imagined.

A student asked me how good Jackie Chan or Jet Li's Suofu Te Overlord good? I have not used no right to speak naturally. But I suggest that what he likes to star on the use to which the product endorsements.

Business on the two stars speak for long dispute, in the last century 96's, love and more companies in Guangdong 450W teeth pulled out the huge sums of money to get him perform a "has been working to" advertising drama, love How to sell products, we remember Jackie Chan's "Love many VCD, good effort." Jackie Chan to promote the love of many in the country under a sudden disdain. Jackie Chan also adhere to the film but myself can do attitude can not shake the supreme big brother.

Jet Li is also in the 96 years through a series of action films before laying a new generation of action film star status, especially Lee's orthodox interpretation of the lure of Chinese martial arts Chinese martial arts fully shown the power of beauty rather new style martial arts style, and Jackie Chan acrobatic style is very different indeed. Smart CEOs Duan Yongping backgammon see the commercial value inherent in Lee, then Lee officially joined the backgammon VCD ads produced and began advertising war and love and more, backgammon strategy can be said to be closely followed and compact portable , the Dare to be post-post in haste and then ad is outdone, a "backgammon VCD, real kung fu" to countless people remember the brand. The two companies battle in the crazy way of advertising killing and the final outcome is more love out of the market ended in failure, and backgammon is still the industry's top three.

Chan lost the contest in the first, at least the result is. Someone has to statistics, that Whenever Jackie Chan endorse the product die, and it seems this is a difficult to break fate. I remember last year, Jackie Chan endorse public caddy, do not know why spokesmen quickly replaced by someone else on. Jackie Chan is now joined by young idols led the industry endorsement of shampoo, do not know whether to break the destiny? Way from the endorsement of view, the merchants have chosen to use the testimony of Jackie Chan in a unique way to try to be on the market performance the outcome, is unknown.

Jet Li, the most impressive in recent years, it should be the endorsement of the "Qipai" Men. Years of continuous bombardment of advertising is still Lee play a major role, his commercial value can be said for all to see. The campaign in recent years compared to Jackie Chan endorse any product should be dominant victory.

With last year's "Fearless," the Reying, Lee's fame reached its peak, in this context, both the dignity of their endorsement is now Suofu Te shoes have hope of success, and the results we still do not know.

Jet Li Jackie Chan before the record although the latter two have the upper hand to do business of favor, but the endorsement of the products are considered different industries, and this kind of product that is two really compete with a known time.

The two come together the historical myth of the film will be released, right and wrong we will wait and see.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shanghai Unicom, "the voice treasure" face poor prospects for the two major bottlenecks

News Review

Shanghai Unicom has launched the "Voice treasure" value-added services. "Voice treasure" business voice dialing technology to replace manual dial-up, the user just prior to personal address book data entry system platform, you can direct by calling 10196 voice dialing, voice control operation can be carried out through the breath or menu operation.

Analysys of

As the 3G era, China Unicom launched to speed up the pace of new business. Shanghai Unicom launched the "Voice treasure" function of value-added services, mainly mobile phone users to replace manual dialing. "Easy Vision - Mobile value-added service" analysis, marketing the business will face the following bottlenecks:

First: the convenience of users

User-friendly functional use should be the highlight of marketing value-added services. "Voice treasure" value-added services to use, requiring users to dial 10196 voice dialing, dial-up users did not simplify the effect of operational processes. On the contrary, by the user habits and other factors, related to operational procedures even more complicated.

Second: the confidentiality of personal communications data

"Voice treasure" value-added services require users to use personal address book information uploaded to the system platform, this means that use of the value-added services users and their relatives and friends of the communications data will all be operators to master, this very large to reduce the user's sense of security, is not conducive to the confidentiality of personal communications data.

Analysys International analysis that is certain is that, the service enables mobile phone users to avoid the loss and loss of personal communications, information recorded in the trouble encountered. However, the existence of these two factors, leading to the advantage of greatly reduced the attractiveness to users.

Analysys view

Analysys International analysis, operational process complexity and the user's sense of security for the poor constraints Shanghai Unicom, "the voice treasure" value-added services, marketing factors, should be cause for concern.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CAD world, Shangri-La

"Shangri-La", mysterious and poetic dream world is a desirable place. "Shangri-La mechanical CAD" drawings for the mechanical characteristics of the common plane mapping software, will be boring into fun, the "machine" into the art world here seems to have become a graphic of "Shangri-La."

Civilian style

Shown in Figure 1, into the "Shangri-La mechanical CAD" interface, you can clearly feel the AutoCAD style.

Figure 1 Shangri-La CAD interface

"Shangri-La mechanical CAD" drawing step more in line with traditional, beginner CAD Some people may be more accustomed. After several steps to complete a drawing on the drawing. Includes determining the size of drawings, select the type of border and binding, positioning the baseline and the use of the toolbar or menu command draw, edit, modify graphics.

Learn and use the "Shangri-La mechanical CAD" simple, but the software's functionality is not weak, rendering mechanical parts and assembly drawings are very handy.

Figure 2 form with the usual graphical

In short, the software can see the background with the school, reflecting the developers and the teaching of drawing skill and careful pondering attitude.

The most admirable 4:00

1. To help enrich and complete

"Shangri-La mechanical CAD" software CD-ROM only about 30M of space, the other a few megahertz multimedia software for learning materials in a variety of software systems that are rare,

2. Practical, "Structure and Gallery"

"Shangri-La mechanical CAD" in the "structure and Gallery" menu bar is the "mechanical" characteristics of the important elements, it provides a standard parts library although not to mention a wide range, but very useful.

3. Photo-text applications

"Shangri-La mechanical CAD" menu item in a column called "Form", and the earlier Microsoft Word menu bar of the same name is almost the same nature. This also reflects the "Shangri-La mechanical CAD" for the text editing service is very important.

4. Text, size of the batch changes

"Shangri-La mechanical CAD" provides the bulk editing text, dimensions variable function, can be more than one text, size, engineering mark in the font, size and so unified.

"Shangri-La mechanical CAD" is not worthy of improvement has no place, such as 3D features. The problem is positioning relative to its user base and its corresponding cost, "Shangri-La mechanical CAD" is almost close to perfect.

Domestic CAD market trends

Throughout the development of the domestic market situation of CAD, probably can be summarized as the following:

1, two-dimensional CAD software to maintain stable growth in demand

Due to lower prices, but domestic CAD software is very mature technology, service level gradually increased, so companies in the CAD project, will increase the two-dimensional CAD software, CAD software, in particular the use of domestic volume.

Second, rapid growth of demand for three-dimensional modeling software

On the one hand, users of three-dimensional understanding of enhanced software functionality; the other hand, provides three-dimensional CAD software companies will greatly enhance the propaganda.

Third, CAPP, PDM and other enterprise software will be the hot buy

Manufacturing enterprises are no longer satisfied with simple "rejection drawing board" work, but strive to realize the modernization of technology sector. Therefore, this year will be the CAPP software company purchased one of the hotspots. CAD technology enables storage needed to store previous drawings and technical information into an electronic map document. How to effectively manage plan documents, plan documents to ensure easy retrieval and statistical summary, the enterprise is vital, and this created a huge demand for PDM software.

Fourth, SMEs demand on the CAD technology

CAD software market increased steadily in recent years, the price gradually reduce to the past, only state-owned large and medium enterprises to apply the CAD software, has now become a hot application for SMEs. Software companies have proposed various solutions for SMEs. The use of CAD software, many SMEs have achieved good results. CAD software on the expected demand for small and medium enterprises will be further expanded.

CAXA "step ahead"

CAXA is not a very good understanding of the word, Beihang Haier own description is: CAX refers to arbitrary, individualized computer-aided design and product, followed by A-ALWAYS A STEP AHEAD for the English abbreviation of the overall meaning is "one step ahead of the computer assistive technology and products. "

Simple interface

CAXA leading spirit when more is reflected in its three-dimensional software for two-dimensional electronic drawing board, more detailed work is needed, really and truly bring more convenience to users.

Simple interface and toolbar

"CAXA electronic board V2" start soon, with low hardware requirements that the starting point is associated. CAXA to take care of the low profile of the small screen, its arrangements for menus and toolbars, and Office of the toolbar style is quite similar.

Excellent data exchange capabilities

In the "computer drawing board," made for a class of two-dimensional CAD software, "CAXA electronic board V2" data exchange capabilities be excellent. CAXA full support for AutoCAD 12.0 ~ 2000 version of dwg, dxf files, support for IGES files; can read WMF, HPGL graphics file; can read the data generated in text form. Dat file.


"CAXA electronic board V2" There are three useful tools included: "CAXA Print layout", "CAXA File Browser", "CAXA drawing management." Drawing management program can automatically generate product tree can also be manually generated, and to edit, query, statistics and other operations.

Standards and Standardization

CAXA electronic board V2 full support for the latest national standards, and adopted a national standard of review of mechanical CAD. Software meet the national standard frame, title bar, list, text annotation, dimensioning and annotation of other projects, thus ensuring a comprehensive standardization of the design process.

"One step ahead" is the slogan of CAXA, common people, nuanced, full of affinity, the trial "CAXA electronic board V2" when deep feelings.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A large number of international giants fight back to the Chinese. CN domain names

Morning News a few days ago, reporters from the China International Trade Arbitration Commission Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center received information, including Coca-Cola, Disney, L'Oreal, etc., a large number of international giants have been through arbitration, a successful fight back to the Chinese. CN domain names. Up to 9 months in a multinational giants get together and arbitration Chinese. CN domain name incident was finally settled.

March 17, Add Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre received more than 70 domain name dispute cases, 600% surge year on year, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Yue-Sai and other international big names to its Chinese. CN domain name fight impressively.

Since early 2006, Microsoft announced that IE7 browser will fully support Chinese. CN domain name after the Chinese aware of the many multinational giants. CN huge market value of corporate domain name dispute started fighting back. After 9 months of hard work, mostly transnational giants have successfully picked up my Chinese. CN domain name, "Coca-Cola. CN", "Hong Kong Disneyland. CN" and "L'Oreal Paris. CN", etc. and is being processed transfer procedures.

Coca-Cola said relevant, as the Chinese Internet in China Internet's maturation, Coca-Cola. CN domain names for their brand has become a valuable asset. According to informed sources, the Coca-Cola's main rival Pepsi-Cola has already registered and launched the "Pepsi. CN", opened up a new way to promote the brand network, which to some extent, all strive to become an emergency return to Coca-Cola Coca-Cola. CN domain names incentives.

Hu Gang-known legal experts said that despite the well-known brand may be the Chinese through arbitration. CN domain names, but a lot of SMEs, because of the less well-known, the possibility of arbitration and recover relatively small, so its too late better to take precautions, side opening for the right way to be registered.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Adaptive base class for window screen resolution

Adaptive screen resolution to make a window as an application base class of all forms. This entire process can be a good change to adapt to screen resolution. The principle is very simple to achieve, is to RESIZE the window to open when the control window and the window size, position. See the following source code, can easily understand.

1. Create a new window.

Write a function for the window f_resize () most of the work here.
No input parameters
Return value is shaping:

environment env
integer ii_ScreenWidth, ii_ScreenHeight
double WRadio, HRadio, Radio
integer ii_WinBolderWidth, ii_WinBolderHeight
getenvironment (env)
ii_WinBolderWidth = this.width - this.WorkSpaceWidth () / / get the border width of the form
ii_WinBolderHeight = this.height - this.WorkSpaceHeight ()
ii_ScreenWidth = env.screenwidth
ii_ScreenHeight = env.screenheight
/ / Compute the radio that need be resize

WRadio = ii_ScreenWidth/800 / / standard that the screen resolution of 800 * 600
HRadio = ii_ScreenHeight/600 / / calculate the relative 800 * 600 screen resolution variation
Radio = Min (WRadio, HRadio)
if Radio = 1.0 then / / if the screen is default 800 * 600
return 0
end if
this.hide ()
this.width = (this.width - ii_WinBolderWidth) * Radio + ii_WinBolderWidth
this.height = (this.height - ii_WinBolderHeight) * Radio + ii_WinBolderHeight
integer i
dragobject temp / / used to take a variety of control

for i = 1 to upperbound (this.control)
temp = this.control [i] / / adjust the size, location
temp.width = temp.width * Radio
temp.x = temp.x * Radio
temp.y = temp.y * Radio
temp.Height = temp.Height * Radio
choose case typeof (temp)
case tab!
tab mtab
mtab = temp
mtab.textsize = mtab.textsize * Radio / / set the font
case commandbutton!
commandbutton cb
cb = temp
cb.textsize = cb.textsize * Radio

case singlelineedit!
singlelineedit sle
sle = temp
sle.textsize = sle.textsize * Radio
case editmask!
editmask em
em = temp
em.textsize = em.textsize * Radio

case statictext!
statictext st
st = temp
st.textsize = st.textsize * Radio

case datawindow! / / datawindows get zoomed
datawindow dw
dw = temp
dw.Object.DataWindow.zoom = string (int (Radio * 100)) / / Note DATAWINDOW different from other control

case picturebutton!
picturebutton pb
pb = temp
pb.textsize = pb.textsize * Radio

case checkbox!
checkbox cbx
cbx = temp
cbx.textsize = cbx.textsize * Radio

case dropdownlistbox!
dropdownlistbox ddlb
ddlb = temp
ddlb.textsize = ddlb.textsize * Radio

case groupbox!
groupbox gb
gb = temp
gb.textsize = gb.textsize * Radio

case listbox!
listbox lb
lb = temp
lb.textsize = lb.textsize * Radio

case multilineedit!
multilineedit mle
mle = temp
mle.textsize = mle.textsize * Radio

case radiobutton!
radiobutton rb
rb = temp
rb.textsize = rb.textsize * Radio

end choose
next ()
return 0

Function written after the events in the form of OPEN can call the function.

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Out errors to make your writing more efficient CSS

According to some CSS experience in writing, how to improve rendering efficiency and consumption of resources by occupation, we come to look at CSS rendering of the efficiency of writing efficient CSS.

1, hexadecimal color value of the median and the case

Write hex color value you may use lower-case letters or omitted into 3-digit, no wording on it to find concrete data to prove the efficiency of the browser's rendering is affected, but the hexadecimal value of the default standard color is capitalized and 6-digit mark. In unknown circumstances, do not want to risk the lower the efficiency of rendering.

* Do not agree-color: # f3a;

* Suggested-color: # FF33AA;

2, display the differences with the visibility

They are used to set or retrieve the display object. display hidden object does not retain the physical space, visibility reserved for the hidden objects occupy the physical space. When the browser rendering of physical space to be occupied, there will be consumption of resources.

* Do not agree-visibility: hidden;

* To use the-display: none;

3, border: none; and border: 0; the difference between

And display a similar relationship with the visibility were not retained and reserved space. More of a border: 0; despite the border to hide out, but it will for you to retain the right to use border-color/border-style.

* Do not agree-border: 0;

* To use the-border: none;

4, should not be too small background image tile

A background image 1px wide and high, although the file size is very small, rendering high-500px wide plate need to repeat the tile 2500. Improve the efficiency of the background image rendering with the image size and volume, and the maximum image file size for about 70KB.

* Do not agree - Wide high 8px below the background image tile

* The proposed use - medium size and measure the background image size

5, IE filter

IE filter in addition to consumption of resources has more compatibility issues. Among them, to make a transparent PNG filter, GIF or JPG can be used through non-transparent approach seems to avoid the use of this filter. Proposed that only a transparent GIF in IE6 applications, because IE7 has support PNG transparency above.

* Do not agree, abuse of consumption of resources as IE filters also have compatibility problems.

* To use, the best choice to use other methods to avoid filters.

6, * (margin: 0; padding: 0;) to avoid differences in browser style

* Is wildcard for all tags are initialized again, the browser's rendering consumes certain resources. Some of the label in the different browsers is almost no difference, or some have been deprecated tag (because you do not use it), they do not need to re-initialize the wildcard again this can save a little resources.

* Do not support the use of wildcard asterisk

* Do not agree, divspanbuttonbtable tag into a wildcard such as internal and external control of fill styles

* To use, to selectively control the use of wildcards within and outside the fill style.

7, do not add additional labels to describe the class or id

If you have a selector based on id as the key selector, do not add the extra tag name up. Because the ID is the only, do not exist for a reason not reduce the efficiency of matching.

* Do not agree-button # backButton ()

* Does not support -. menu-left # newMenuIcon ()

* Suggested - # backButton ()

* Suggested - # newMenuIcon ()

8, try to choose the most specific class to hold the selector

Reduce the efficiency of the system one of the largest class in the label because we used too much of the selector. By adding a class to the elements, we can be subdivided into categories of class type, so no need to waste time on a label too many choices to meet the match.

* Do not agree-treeitem [mailfolder = "true"]> treerow> treecell ()

* Suggested -. treecell-mailfolder ()

9, to avoid children and grandchildren selector

Children CSS selector is the most consumed resources selector. He is very resource intensive, especially in the tag selector to use when the class or general class. In many cases, we really want is the child selector. Unless clearly stated, is strictly prohibited in UICSS descendants selector of.

* Do not agree-treeheadtreerowtreecell ()

* Better, but still not work (see next)-treehead> treerow> treecell ()

10, the label should not contain sub-class selectors

Do not use the sub-tag class selectors. Otherwise, each element in the emergence of an additional increase would match the time. (Especially when the selector seems to mostly be matched case)

* Do not agree-treehead> treerow> treecell ()

* Suggested -. treecell-header ()

11, note the use of all child selector

Careful use of child selector. If you can not think of a way to use him, then do not use. Especially in the RDF tree and the menu will often use child selectors, like this.

* Do not agree-treeitem [IsImapServer = "true"]> treerow>. Tree-folderpane-icon ()

Remember RDF properties can be copied in the template! Advantage of this, we can copy those who want to change the child based on the attributes of RDF XUL element attributes.

* Suggested -. tree-folderpane-icon [IsImapServer = "true"] ()

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