Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jackie Chan and Jet Li's ad war

Recent water and soil often see in people eager to buy all kinds of Jackie Chan endorse the "King Anti-off shampoo."

Remember the day before yesterday in the supermarket and saw a Jet Li endorsement of "Suo Fute germinal fluid." Jet Li on the screen the warmth of holding Suofu Te, a representative of the Chinese martial arts star power of beauty and meaning of the name of goods rather female combination gives the visual impact can be imagined.

A student asked me how good Jackie Chan or Jet Li's Suofu Te Overlord good? I have not used no right to speak naturally. But I suggest that what he likes to star on the use to which the product endorsements.

Business on the two stars speak for long dispute, in the last century 96's, love and more companies in Guangdong 450W teeth pulled out the huge sums of money to get him perform a "has been working to" advertising drama, love How to sell products, we remember Jackie Chan's "Love many VCD, good effort." Jackie Chan to promote the love of many in the country under a sudden disdain. Jackie Chan also adhere to the film but myself can do attitude can not shake the supreme big brother.

Jet Li is also in the 96 years through a series of action films before laying a new generation of action film star status, especially Lee's orthodox interpretation of the lure of Chinese martial arts Chinese martial arts fully shown the power of beauty rather new style martial arts style, and Jackie Chan acrobatic style is very different indeed. Smart CEOs Duan Yongping backgammon see the commercial value inherent in Lee, then Lee officially joined the backgammon VCD ads produced and began advertising war and love and more, backgammon strategy can be said to be closely followed and compact portable , the Dare to be post-post in haste and then ad is outdone, a "backgammon VCD, real kung fu" to countless people remember the brand. The two companies battle in the crazy way of advertising killing and the final outcome is more love out of the market ended in failure, and backgammon is still the industry's top three.

Chan lost the contest in the first, at least the result is. Someone has to statistics, that Whenever Jackie Chan endorse the product die, and it seems this is a difficult to break fate. I remember last year, Jackie Chan endorse public caddy, do not know why spokesmen quickly replaced by someone else on. Jackie Chan is now joined by young idols led the industry endorsement of shampoo, do not know whether to break the destiny? Way from the endorsement of view, the merchants have chosen to use the testimony of Jackie Chan in a unique way to try to be on the market performance the outcome, is unknown.

Jet Li, the most impressive in recent years, it should be the endorsement of the "Qipai" Men. Years of continuous bombardment of advertising is still Lee play a major role, his commercial value can be said for all to see. The campaign in recent years compared to Jackie Chan endorse any product should be dominant victory.

With last year's "Fearless," the Reying, Lee's fame reached its peak, in this context, both the dignity of their endorsement is now Suofu Te shoes have hope of success, and the results we still do not know.

Jet Li Jackie Chan before the record although the latter two have the upper hand to do business of favor, but the endorsement of the products are considered different industries, and this kind of product that is two really compete with a known time.

The two come together the historical myth of the film will be released, right and wrong we will wait and see.

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