Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On the Sasser worm pleaded guilty to 19-year-old faces 5 years to prison

NEW YORK, July 6 hearing last year, "Sasser" (Sasser) worm swept across the scene of the terrorist network still is fresh in my memory. July 5, worm authors, 19-year-old Jonsson (Sven Jaschan) a court in Germany for data manipulation, computer system damage and interfere with the company pleaded guilty to charges of business. He could face five years in prison and penalties for financial compensation.

Last year in May from the onset of the "Sasser" worm spread through Microsoft's Windows operating system, affecting the world's 100 million households, or to the computer. Victims and even the British Coast Guard, the European Union headquarters and renowned institutions such as Goldman Sachs. Some securities companies will be referred to as the history of "mass destruction" the largest network virus.

Jonsson is a Microsoft offering a reward of 250,000 U.S. dollars raised after the arrest. Since last year, when the crime under 18 years old, July 5 trial is not open to the public. Prosecutors in court on the trial expressed satisfaction with the progress and possible decision to disclose Thursday (July 7) to make.

Prosecutors said that in addition to a maximum up to 5 years imprisonment, Jonsson users also need to compensate the loss. However, there have been reported economic losses have reached 13 million euros, if the rest of the world users claim for compensation, compensation payments will reach astronomical figures. The Jonsson how that compensation is unknown.

It was reported earlier Jonsson has admitted before the "Sasser" series his "masterpiece", his "work" there NetSky virus. He is believed to the preparation of these viruses are intended to identify and "kill" the other virus.

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